The Family

I readily admit the bias in the following opinion-  I have the coolest and most awesome family in the UNIVERSE!

My wife, April, is simply the best wife anywhere! She is an amazing mom, terrific friend, and my PERFECT fit.  She motivates me and helps me be a better man.  Oh, and she is SMOKIN’ hot!

My children are terrific.

  • Riley Grace is our oldest and she is quite simply the coolest, smartest, most courteous, and giving teenager around… She is 16!
  • Noah Blaire is 11… she loves life, has an eclectic taste in music, and is very protective of her siblings… she is a joy!
  • Silas Faith has taught us to trust God in a brand new way… She was due on June 12, 2010, but she went straight from the womb to the arms of Jesus on March 15, 2010…
  • Shiloh Kate is a princess… she is 6 going on 25… she loves all things related to Disney Princesses, and could watch 1 princess movie 10 times a day, and never get tired of it… she is a blast!
  • Crowder Sutton is our little man… he is 3, and he is ALL boy!  He has all his sisters wrapped around his finger, and he is a super hero at heart.

I am so glad all these people let me hang out with them. I don’t know what I would do without them. They truly light up my life!

Thanks for reading,