My Interests

If you clicked on this tab, you are (for reasons I could never figure out) interested in finding out more about me…  Before I go any further, have you thought about seeking professional help?

Surely you have figured out by now, I have a sarcastic sense of humor (some even say warped).

But the things I am into…

  • I love Jesus!
  • I adore my family and love getting to spend time with them
  • I am an attorney and the owner of the Integrity Law Firm, pllc.
    • I enjoy helping people with their legal problems.
  • I enjoy WATCHING sports (I stunk it up in high school, so now I live out my sports dreams by watching them on TV)
    • I am a HUGE St. Louis Cardinals fan
  • I am a movie FREAK…  I seriously will watch almost anything:
    • Action (especially Superhero Movies)
    • Comedy
    • Thriller
    • Comedy
    • Chick Flicks with the wife (had to add that last part in there)
    • Comedy
    • Horror
    • Comedy
    • Animated Movies with the family
    • Comedy
    • Sci-Fi
    • & Comedy
  • I also enjoy reading (I actually wish I read more).

Well, that is just a little insight into what I am into.  Thanks for checking in.  Now read the blog and keep coming back, PLEASE?


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