Welcome Back!

I have been absent from the blogging community for a long time mainly because life has been extremely busy- work, family, school, sleeping, etc.  Something had to go, and the something was social media. Law School is winding down, so I thought it was time to wipe the dust off this old blog.  I still have a ton of studying to do for the Bar Exam in February, but it’s time to reconnect a little with the outside world.

I will be writing about things that interest me.  Some of the topics might be controversial (politics, religion, and St. Louis Cardinals baseball), some lighthearted (family of 6 in a 2 bedroom house with 2 large dogs- I’ve got to find an outlet), and some of the discussion will simply be about things I am pondering at the time (not necessarily looking for answers, just thinking out loud).  In all, this is just a place for me to share my thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

I realize we might not always agree (you might be a Cubs fan).  Hopefully, we can still have some fun.  I am not promising to write daily, weekly, or monthly- I’ll just jot down some thoughts when the urge hits me.  I hope no matter your opinion on the topics discussed that you are able to enjoy the ramblings of this small town boy, in a big, big world.

More later. . . .